2 Responses to “Do or Buy? The Key to Smart Working”

  1. Antoine Grant says:

    Great post Ruby! I know how it feels to spend hours and hours trying to do something in my business that i probably should of outsourced. I came real close to throwing my computer out the window several times. Lol. Even though the problem would still exist……it would of felt so good at the time. Lol

    I’m so grateful that i now understand the power of outsourcing and the leverage that it adds to my business. I really appreciate your post and recommendations…..and i will be sure to pass this along to my friends.

    Thanks Ruby…..and good luck on cooking that duck!!

    Antoine Grant

    • Ruby says:

      Thanks for stopping by Antoine, I think we’ve all been at the ‘pick a window’ stage with our computers at some time or another. I’ll let you know how the duck turns out 🙂